2022 NAEBA Conference

October 30 - November 2

2022 NAEBA Annual Conference

In-Person and Virtual

October 30 - November 2      *     Tempe, Arizona



9:00AM - 10:00AM (Monday)

Business Owners Panel: News & Views from the Driver's Seat | Rich Rosa, Andi DeFelice, Mike Crowley

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Be prepared for a very interactive session as we discuss the realities of being the leader in a brokerage.  We will be talking about: Dealing with market ups and downs, Financial Management, Marketing, Delegation (agents, employees, contractors), Time management, Problem solving and so much more.  This will be a chance to learn from each other and engage in a bit of empathetic therapy for anyone who is, or ever plans to be, the Big Boss Applesauce!

Richard Rosa

SPEAKER BIO: In 2005, Rich Rosa co-founded Buyers Brokers Only, LLC, which has helped consumers purchase more than 2,000 properties and $1 billion in real estate. The company exclusively represents homebuyers in Greater Boston, Cape Cod, Southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

SPEAKER BIO: Broker/Owner Andrea (Andi) DeFelice, began her career in Real Estate in 1993. She and her mother, Carolyn, formed Exclusive Buyer's Realty as serve as the only EBA in the Savannah GA market. Andi has served as the President of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) She is an active member of the Savannah Board of Realtors and holds the Accredited Buyer’s Representative designation. When not working Andi enjoys cooking, motorcycling with her husband, discovering new eateries around town and travel.

Andi DeFelice

Mike Crowley

SPEAKER BIO: Mike has been an Exclusive Buyer Agent since 1997, practicing Realtor since 1992. Currently manages an office with four other brokers. Mike is a past board member and past president of NAEBA. Back home Mike has served four terms as a member of his local Board of Directors along with being past Chair of the Grievance Committee and three-time Chair of the Professional Standards Committee.  State-wide, he is in his fourth term serving on the Washington Association of Realtors Professional Standards committee and in 2018 was appointed to the National Association of Realtors Professional Standards Committee.  Along with Mike's Real Estate experience he volunteers his time to travel around the state as a mediator to resolve other Realtor's disputes between each other and the general public. Currently Mike is teaching Fair Housing and Code of Ethics courses for the state of Washington to both new and veteran brokers on a monthly basis.

10:00AM - 10:30AM (Monday)

Justin’s Home Buyer Interview Process | Justin Gramm

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The interview process is a Key Result Area for all buyer’s agents. When you do it well, you attract the clients you want to work with the most. In this short-but-sweet talk, Justin gives you tips for fine-tuning your own home buyer interview process, so you can make 2022 your most efficient and productive year yet.

SPEAKER BIO: Justin is the founder of Globella Buyers Realty. He has been representing homebuyers for 14+ years in San Diego, California. Married to an Austrian, father of three girls, snowboarder, and songwriter, Justin is a proud member of NAEBA.

Justin Gramm

10:30AM - 11:00AM (Monday)

Reviewing the New Lead Management System (LMS) | Rebecca Clemence

SESSION DESCRIPTION: The new Lead Management System (LMS) has been implemented to improve on lead generation performance.  With improved technology, the new system has many improvements.  We will review access to the new site, the matching system, and new options for NAEBA lead communication in your own brokerage, to NAEBA and to the prospects.  

Rebecca Clemence

SPEAKER BIO: Rebecca applies expert knowledge of the New Lead Management System.  She works daily in the program with both broker agents and prospective clients.   She has specific NAEBA membership experience and relentless energy in solving NAEBA member’s requests.  She directly speaks to each prospective client. 

Rebecca attended Northern Arizona University and began her 25+ year nonprofit experience in the Phoenix area and moved throughout the US gaining experience and knowledge of the not for profit world.  She most recently left a New York based Foundation of a 6,000+ member organization as the Executive Director after a successful 16 year tenure.   There she was able to reduce their debt by $500,000.00 whilst she improved the property by $1.5 million in new building and remodeling whilst serving over 10,000 participants.

Today, Rebecca specializes in working with organizations in the fields of membership, finance, granting and the implementation of new technology. 

12:30PM -  1:30PM (Monday)

Quick & Easy Ways to Engage on Social Media to Improve Your Business | Victoria Henderson & Caitlin King Khoury

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Instagram and LinkedIn are excellent platforms to maintain contact with former clients and advertise your business. But how can you find the time? With that in mind, I will share apps I use to quickly create Instagram posts and stories and share suggestions on how to take and edit great pictures & videos and the tools you can use to create engaging content. Lastly, I will also share ideas on how to stay relevant & connected on LinkedIn.

SPEAKER BIO: Victoria Ray Henderson is a licensed real estate broker in Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC.  She works with her husband Marshall and her son Cliff at The BuyerBrokerage in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Victoria is the producer and host of “Listen Up Home Buyers!” a podcast featured on the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents website, NAEBA.org. The podcast features members of NAEBA from around the country and other experts in residential real estate. Listen Up Home Buyers can be heard on Pandora or your favorite podcast app.

For several years, Victoria served as a board member for the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents a non-profit organization dedicated to the exclusive buyer agency business model.

Victoria Henderson

Caitlin King Khoury

SPEAKER BIO: Caitlin King Khoury, MNpS is the Chief Creative Director for Think BIG Consulting, a Phoenix-based consulting company focused on providing "BIG Communications for Small Nonprofits". Caitlin has an insatiable curiosity and passion for creating compelling marketing materials and campaigns for nonprofits, and she brings a wide array of nonprofit management and communications skills to her role at Think BIG.

A native Arizonan, Caitlin graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Masters degree in Nonprofit Studies. Caitlin co-founded the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Phoenix and served as the organization’s Vice President. She was also part of the founding staff of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, where she helped to design exhibits and develop educational programming. Caitlin then worked with the Arizona Center for Afterschool Excellence, coordinating conferences and training events for professionals. A 3-year stint in the United Kingdom led Caitlin to remote work, and ultimately to the founding of Think BIG, where she has worked since 2012. 

In her spare time, Caitlin is the founder of the Phoenix Collective Giving Circle and is raising two wild kiddos.

1:30PM  -  2:30PM (Monday)

What is New, What is Tried and True | Julie Tuggle, Gea Elika, Anna Matveychuk-Culmone

SESSION DESCRIPTION:  This session will explore some of the ways business has changed and how we are adapting to new processes.  We will also be looking at those tried-and-true systems that help us stay on track and on target.  There is no doubt that technology has changed the way we work but the goals for our clients and our business still guide our outcomes; join us as we talk together about how we are getting work done in the current market.

SPEAKER BIO: Julie Tuggle is broker/owner of Carolina Buyer's Agent in Charlotte, NC. After four years working for a traditional broker, she saw the need for a firm that would represent only the best interests of home buyers, so she opened Carolina Buyer's Agent in 1998 and has been a member of NAEBA since 1999. She’s a non-smoker and enjoys acting, tennis, gardening and of course, investing in real estate!

Julie Tuggle

Gea Elika

SPEAKER BIO: Since 2013, Gea Elika has served on the Board of Directors of (NAEBA) National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents. He first became interested in real estate watching his parents invest in residential and commercial properties as a child. Their frequent property dealings spawned excitement in him and led to Gea buying his first restaurant at the early age of 18. As Gea’s experience in the hospitality industry grew, he accumulated a substantial portfolio of successful cafes, nightclubs, and restaurants which paved the way for his smooth transition from hospitality to real estate, 18 years ago. In 2004 Gea founded CityCribs.com that became one of New York City’s leading online authorities on real estate rentals and sales which connected realtors and consumers in a user-friendly, innovative environment. CityCribs became New York’s fastest growing real estate marketplace praised by leading media sources Inman News and The Real Deal including much more.

Gea started Elika Associates in 2008 and with his wealth of experience and a solid understanding of the world’s largest real estate market, New York City; the business has achieved unprecedented success. His integrity and passion for real estate combined with his extensive market knowledge, ensures clients’ expectations of working with an exclusive Buyer Broker are not just met but surpassed. As part of a vast network of realtors and developers in New York City, Gea has his finger on the pulse with firsthand knowledge of market developments, condo, and co-op offerings as well as upcoming development projects. Gea has been quoted, in reputable industry sources The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and The Real Deal to name a few and his credibility and adherence to a strict code of ethics has earned him a loyal customer base.

SPEAKER BIO: Anna began her love for all things real estate at a young age with a family background in residential real estate and home renovations. This lifelong passion for real estate led her to a local real estate group in the Greater Boston area in which she found a phenomenal partner, Barbi Harrison. Anna and Barbi decided to branch out and start their own local company, after working together for many years, to focus on servicing their buyer clients in ways they felt were not fully being realized.

Anna currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents where she continues to learn even more about the expansive history of exclusive buyer agency and is able to directly contribute to the concepts of the evolving role of being an exclusive buyer agent in the current market. She hopes to continue her service on this national board as it has been a phenomenal opportunity to give back to the community that has guided her so well professionally over the years.

Anna Matveychuk-Culmone

3:00PM  -  4:00PM (Monday)

The Alice in Wonderland World of Residential Real Estate Brokerage | Steve Brobeck

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Mr. Brobeck recently characterized residential real estate brokerage as an Alice in Wonderland World where things, except for exclusive buyer brokerage, are not what they seem then don't make any sense. He will explain why this is the case and how the government and public is increasingly understanding these realities and trying to reform and rationalize the industry.

Steve Brobeck

SPEAKER BIO: Stephen Brobeck served as executive director of the Consumer Federation of America from 1970 to 2018. Since then, he's held the position at CFA of senior fellow.

Mr. Brobeck has researched and advocated on real estate brokerage issues since the early 1990s. Since 2018, he has issued many reports and public statements on brokerage issues related to agency, commissions, and regulation. He has also worked closely with leading exclusive buyer brokers.

4:00PM  -  4:30PM (Monday)

Leveraging Relationships: The Exclusive Buyer Agent and the Media | Rich Harty

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Learning how to cultivate, maintain, and grow a media relationship to create maximum exposure and long-term success.

SPEAKER BIO: Rich is an exclusive buyer agent serving Chicago and the surrounding suburbs since 2009. He is a graduate of Northern Illinois University, with Business degrees in Marketing and Communication. Since 1990 he has partnered with his brother John in their residential construction management company. Together they build one of a kind custom homes in Chicago's northern suburbs. He is a LEED-AP, specializing in environmentally friendly design and sustainability. Rich has learned the art of partnering with local and national media to maximize exposure of the real estate brokerage and construction management firm as has been featured in magazines such as Luxe and Traditional Home. He is currently serving as NAEBA's immediate past president and has served in several other board positions since joining NAEBA in 2010.

Rich Harty


9:00AM  - 10:00AM (Tuesday)

Top 5 Mistakes When Choosing a Home Inspector | Glen & Yvonne Blanc

SESSION DESCRIPTON: We will discuss: Helping the Buyer understand how to choose a Home Inspector, educate your buyer so they don't make these mistakes, and all Home Inspectors are not the same. 

Glen Blanc

SPEAKER BIO: Glen Blanc was born in England and moved to the States in the 80’s to attend school. He graduated from Howard University’s School of Architecture & Planning (now Engineering & Architecture) and started working in the Architecture field straight out of school. His life experience has led him down several avenues in and out of Architecture from Air Traffic Controller to Carpenter to Draftsmen to CADD Specialist to Teacher. He had his own Architectural Design firm with his partner/wife for several years and was encouraged to look into Home Inspections in the early 90’s. With his partner in life and business of 25 years, Pro Spex Inc. was started in Aug 2003. With a computer, printer, and business cards in hand, they went to work sharing their love and knowledge of homes. The name ‘Pro Spex Residential & Commercial Inspections' was officially established recently and almost 20 years later, it has grown from one Inspector to several Inspectors, serving the DMV. The goal of Pro Spex is to help educate homeowners - plain and simple. They educate existing and potential homeowners, investors, and commercial business owners. They believe that ‘You Don't Know What You Don't Know’ and with that, they try to share the wealth of knowledge that they have gained over the years.

SPEAKER BIO: Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I was a tomboy, no questions asked. Loved to climb trees, climb on roofs, chase after balls, played football, softball, and basketball and still donned pigtails! After realizing the opportunities of learning beyond the classroom through travel, I found myself at Howard University studying Architecture and Planning. Little did I know that the knowledge there would lead me on an interesting path to the Home Inspection industry.  As a Partner in this family-owned business, I have learned that I can share my love of sports, music, and reading with those who are working toward home-ownership. My spare time has me involved with family, friends, and hobbies like crocheting, scrapbooking, some form of exercise, journaling, or reading, just to name a few. And yes, I still find time to shoot a few hoops every now and then...

Yvonne Blanc

10:00AM - 11:00AM (Tuesday)

Your Brand, Your Choice | Holly Zoba

SESSION DESCRIPTION: In 2022, branding happens constantly. Every social post, public review, or even digital silence is sending a message to your clients and potential clients. Take control of your brand by following some simple steps we will outline in this program.

  • How social platforms impact perceptions and decisions
  • Understanding the value of a trusted resource profile
  • The value of sharing content - the right way
  • An app that can help you create growth through better branding

Holly Zoba

SPEAKER BIO: Holly Zoba is the founder of Scout Simply, a training company that helps hotels find more revenue through a combination of sales and marketing technology. Holly began her career with Hospitality Partners where she spent 10 years as the VP of Sales and Marketing. She spent several years as the SVP of Hospitality with Signature Worldwide Training where she learned to execute the principles of adult learning and developed training programs for Best Western, Hilton, IHG, Smith Travel Research, and Caesar’s Entertainment. Prior to launching her own company, Holly became a full stack web application developer (MERN). She is a past chair of the HSMAI Marketing Advisory Board and the coauthor of the Certified Hotel Digital Marketers study guide. A frequent industry author and speaker, she is also a recipient of the Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing for her work on advocacy marketing. 

12:30PM -  1:30PM  (Tuesday)

Risk Rating 2.0. How does this Impact Your Buyers? | Tom Whalen


In this session, we will discuss:

  • Risk Rating 2.0
  • The factors that matter in rate on flood insurance
  • How this will impact current owners
  • Zone discussions 

SPEAKER BIO: Tom Whalen has been the principal owner of the Thomas Whalen Agency on Long Island for the past 25 years. The agency is a P&C agency specializing in home and flood insurance. They work very closely with the Realtor community in helping their buyers and sellers navigate the insurance landscape to come up with the best package to protect their families. His agency also works closely with our local MLS to provide their members with specific flood insurance information for all of their listings. Tom is a big proponent of developing relationships with his clients as to anticipate client insurance needs as they grow. The Thomas Whalen Agency is all about the relationship, not the transaction.

Tom Whalen


9:45AM - 10:45AM  (Wednesday)

NAEBA Annual Meeting & Department of Justice (DOJ) Updates | Rich Rosa

Rich Rosa

SPEAKER BIO: In 2005, Rich Rosa co-founded Buyers Brokers Only, LLC, which has helped consumers purchase more than 2,000 properties and $1 billion in real estate. The company exclusively represents homebuyers in Greater Boston, Cape Cod, Southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. 


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