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Membership Qualifications:

Excerpt of NAEBA’s Bylaws as they relate to membership and qualifications for membership

Section 1. Membership The National Association shall have three classes of membership: regular, international, and affiliate.
A. Regular Members. Regular members are Exclusive Buyer Brokerages as established by a designated broker or broker of record who holds a verifiable real estate broker's license issued in the US or its possessions by a state agency or federal authority. The broker and all associated agents must work exclusively for buyers as fiduciary agents and may never represent sellers and may never list properties for sale. All brokers or agents who hang their licenses with the member brokerage shall receive full rights and benefits of membership, except as restricted in these bylaws. Membership of an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage shall be denied if the broker of record or any licensed agent is in any way affiliated with an economic entity that creates a conflict of interest or the public appearance of a conflict of interest contrary to the benefit of the agency's client(s) or the association's good reputation.
Section 2. Qualifications and Privileges
A. Regular members shall be Exclusive Buyer Brokerages. The broker of record and affiliated licensed agents shall be eligible to attend membership meetings, hold elected office, serve on committees, and use the official designation of the association on all their business and personal promotions. They shall have available to them the full available resources of the association as determined by the Board of Directors. Voting rights shall be retained by the brokerage. Each EBA firm or corporation shall appoint and certify to the Executive Director or NAEBA staff a person to be its representative in the Association who shall represent, vote and act for the Member in affairs of the Association. Each Regular Member is entitled to one vote per a base rate equal to the dues for a single-person brokerage with a maximum of ten votes on such occasions.
D. Emeritus members shall not be eligible to vote, hold elected office, or serve as Chair of a committee, but may serve on volunteer tasks forces and committees as a member. They shall have the right to attend all membership meetings and have access to the member website and online community forums as well as other rights and privileges as may be established by the Board of Directors
E. Applicants for membership shall submit a sworn written declaration of compliance with the object of the association as described in Article II. Such declaration shall include the applicant’s personal practice, their agency, and any other financially affiliated entity. Members shall promptly report any changes in their eligibility or qualification to the association headquarters, and shall disclose their place of work and any public information as required by the association.
Section 3. Dues
A. Dues shall be paid in accordance with a schedule set by the Board of Directors.
B. Dues paid to the association shall become the property of the association and shall not be refundable once paid.
C. Dues shall be billed in accordance to the association's policies and procedures as set by the Board of Directors.
Section 4. Resignation, Suspension, or Termination of Membership
A. Any member desiring to resign from the association shall submit such resignation in writing to the executive director.
B. If a member fails to pay dues, fees, or assessments to NAEBA, a chapter of NAEBA, or to any vendor servicing NAEBA or a NAEBA chapter within 30 days from the time they become past due, or ceases to meet the requirements for membership in the association, membership shall automatically terminate unless other agreements have been made.
C. Any member having resigned from the membership or having their membership terminated for nonpayment of the items addressed in Article III, Section 4B may be reinstated within one year upon notification of the executive director and payment of any applicable dues, fees, or assessments. Reinstatement after lapses in membership over one year, or for termination based on failure to meet membership qualifications or as a result of disciplinary action, shall be treated as a new membership.
D. Membership may be suspended or terminated subject to determination of the Board of Directors for a violation of the NAEBA Code of Ethics, bylaws, Standards of Practice, other NAEBA policies and procedures, or when a member engages in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation, or knowingly assists or induces another to do so. Written notice shall be sent to the member charged with such violations, and the member shall be given an opportunity to respond and provide information on his or her behalf in accordance with procedures as adopted by the Board of Directors. The Board's decision is final and not subject to appeal. Any brokerage who has had their membership suspended or terminated shall be eligible to reapply for membership after a period of one year, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.


I understand that membership may be denied by NAEBA now or in the future if NAEBA’s Membership Committee and/or Board of Directors determine that I no longer meet eligibility requirements. I certify that I have been made aware of and understand the application qualifications for broker or agent. My representations in this application and other representations made in connection with this application are true and correct. If it is determined that I do not meet the eligibility requirements for membership, or if I have misrepresented material facts, I may be denied NAEBA membership or my membership may be revoked. I agree to inform NAEBA of any change that would cause a change in my status as a member. I agree to inform NAEBA if I become affiliated with economic entities in contravention of NAEBA’s governing documents. I agree to allow NAEBA to make an investigation into the statements and qualifications as set forth in this application and agree to provide any additional information as requested by NAEBA. I authorize any third persons, including their controlling brokers or agencies, to provide information to NAEBA pertinent to this application. I am an Exclusive Buyer Agent/Broker affiliated with an Exclusive Buyer Agency. In order to assure complete loyalty to our Buyer clients, no one in our entire office represents Sellers or serves as a non-agent offering limited fiduciary duties to Buyers.

I acknowledge that I have read NAEBA’s bylaws (Click Here). I agree to review the terms of these documents and will inform NAEBA of any Provisions that I cannot comply with or that conflict with my qualifications as a member.

I acknowledge that neither the application, nor the acceptance of membership, creates a contract of any kind between NAEBA and me, and that NAEBA is free to change its governing documents.


NAEBA's membership year runs for one year based on the date the application is approved. The full membership fee must be paid at the time of application. Dues are not refundable and are based on the number of licensed persons in an office (see dues structure below). Once a year, at the time of renewal, your dues amount will be reassessed based on the number of agents in your office. If you acquire new agents during the membership year, please complete an “additional agent” application for each and submit it to our headquarters office. If any agents depart during the year, please notify us by e-mail.


All principal broker must pay a base dues rate of $385, which includes membership for one licensed real estate professional. In addition, a $38.50 fee must be paid for each additional licensed real estate agent in the brokerage. For example, 1-Person Office = $385, 2-Person Office = $423.50, 3-Person Office = $462.00, 4-Person Office = $500.50, 5-person office - $539.00, 6-person office = $577.50.