Tuesday, October 16, 2018
NAEBA: Our Beginnings and Your Future

NAEBA was founded in 1995, when the time had come for someone to look out for the best interests of the real estate buyer. Traditional real estate representation in real estate transactions favored the seller, but starting in the mid-1990s, it became the buyers' turn to level the playing field. Savvy buyers wanted the benefits of a real estate representative working for their interests exclusively. They turned to EBAs, Exclusive Buyer Agents, to do the job, and we founded NAEBA, an industry group dedicated to supporting EBAs in serving clients to the best of their ability. With our industry standard CEBA certification, ongoing education, client referral service, technology and information sharing, NAEBA and its members quickly became the benchmark for Exclusive Buyer Agent excellence.

Opening Doors For Your Success

Today, real estate buyers are turning to EBAs more than ever to locate properties, manage up-front property evaluations, take charge of transactions, negotiate in their favor and provide all the services needed to close the deal for them profitably. The result: property purchased through an alliance with an EBA shows a 67%1 greater appreciation in value - making even more real estate buyers sit up and take notice of the financial value in working closely with an EBA.


1 Chandler & Chandler study of the more than 14,000 homes bought and resold in their market.