Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Why Become an EBA?

absTo EBA or Not to EBA?

Today, real estate buyers are turning to EBAs more than ever to locate properties, manage up-front property evaluations, negotiate completely in their favor and provide all the coordinating needed to profitably close the transaction for them. The result: property purchased through an alliance with an EBA shows a 67%1 greater appreciation in value—making even more real estate buyers sit up and take notice of the financial value in working closely with an EBA. Insiders have always known: "You make your money in real estate on the 'buy' side." 

If you are a real estate professional, making the decision to become an Exclusive Buyer Agent2 may just be the best career move for your successful future. Just about every real estate market is flooded with "buyer" agents, but as an Exclusive Buyer Agent, you stand head and shoulders above the crowd as the true expert in real estate buying. Your membership in NAEBA gains you instant credibility, ongoing support to help your clients, and our support to help your clients find their way to you. As an EBA, you'll work smarter, serve your clients better, and create a stronger career path for yourself in the process. With NAEBA membership, you'll have all the guidance you need to make your decision to become an EBA; one you'll be proud of and your clients will appreciate. In fact, a 2003 study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® showed the buyer agent-client satisfaction rate to be nearly 50% higher than that of seller. So, as an EBA strictly representing the buyer's needs, that satisfaction rate will go through the roof!
1Chandler & Chandler study of the more than 14,000 homes bought and resold in their market.
2Exclusive Buyer Agents are licensed real estate professionals who are part of an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage. Exclusive Buyer Agency is the practice of representing only buyers and never sellers in a transaction. The company never lists a seller's property and thus never has a seller as a client.